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Delicate Blue Vase by Peter Waechter SMG Glassblower

Delicate Blue Vase by Peter Waechter SMG Glassblower

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Delicate Blue Vase by Peter Waechter

This striking blue vase, crafted by the talented Peter Waechter is a perfect addition to your home decor.

With its vibrant delicate blue hues, this unique vase will add a touch of elegance and color to any room.

Peter brings his years of glassblowing expertise to create stunning glass sculptures. Crafted onsite, this vase exemplifies his exceptional artistry and craftsmanship.

This vase measures 9.5" tall by 4" wide in the middle, 3" wide at the base, with mouth opening 1.25" and interior depth of 8".

Valued at $160

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