Artist Profile: Caterina Weintraub

Caterina (Trina) Urrata Weintraub began working with glass in 2004.

She is the co-owner of Fiamma Glass Studio in Waltham, MA with her husband and fellow glass artist David Weintraub.

She received her BFA in 2012 from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, where she has been an adjunct professor for the past 9 years. 

Trina utilizes many different methods of working glass to create her work, including flame working, glass blowing, kiln casting, slumped/fused glass and cold working.


"Inspired by memories, dreams and nature, I use glass to create playful objects and curious scenes. By utilizing the inherent fragile nature of glass, I aim to make work that evokes a sense of sentiment, wonder and sometimes discomfort. From intricate torch work to large scale kiln castings and hot blown pieces, I use the process best suited to bring each piece to life."