Volunteer Opportunities at the Glass Museum

It takes many hearts and hands to keep the Museum open, and you can help. 

Our goal is to foster community involvement by training volunteers to lead tours through our historical and contemporary exhibits, as well as engaging with guests and gathering valuable visitor feedback. 

For those who prefer to work behind the scenes, other volunteer opportunities are available in our administrative offices and archives. We are in the process of computerizing our Historical Society archives and extra hands are always needed! Or, if you have a retail background, you can also contribute by assisting in our beautiful museum shop.

We warmly welcome you to become a part of the Sandwich Glass Museum family! 


What experience is required to become a Volunteer at the Sandwich Glass Museum?

None! All you need is a passion for learning and sharing that knowledge with others. 

We are looking for volunteers with an interest in historical glass who share our passions for the mission of the Glass Museum

Training courses and educational materials will be provided.

How do I apply?

Fill out the form below to apply to be a Volunteer. We will reach out promptly to arrange a time to meet at the Museum to get to know one another.

Looking forward to welcoming you into the Sandwich Glass Museum family!