🌟 Exciting April News  🌟

🌟 Exciting April News 🌟

  Floret Flower Seed Donation Project  

Floret Flower Seed Donation Project  We're thrilled to announce that SGM was a proud recipient of the Floret Flower Seed Donation Project, and we're paying it forward! We'll be keeping a few seeds for ourselves and sharing the rest. We have some exciting news to share about this and will be using some of the donated seeds, but we wanted to share them with others who need more flowers in their lives!

When thinking about the best way to share, the first people that came to mind are mothers! Stay tuned for the big reveal!  

We believe in spreading kindness through beauty, and the Floret Flowers Seed Donation Program is a perfect partnership! A big thank you to Erin, the owner and founder of Floret Flowers. You can learn how to start your seeds 

More about Floret Flowers: We are a family-run flower farm & seed company specializing in breeding new cut flower varieties for gardeners, farmers, & designers. Keep reading [here](https://www.floretflowers.com/).


April 17th Mark Your Calendars!
 Kids Visit for Free & SGM Pop Up Event!  

Join us during Spring Vacation on Wednesday, April 17, 2024, where children can visit the museum for free with an adult! Witness our talented glassblower create mesmerizing glass art, explore our new scavenger hunt, enjoy an informative movie, and delve into our stunning exhibits. Reserve your entry time and register here.

Also on April 17th, don't miss our SGM Studio Art Pop-Up Event, featuring unique, hourly-made items for sale in our museum store by our very own SGM glassblowers! These items are both unique and limited, so mark your calendars!

Until July 7th, 2024!   The Boroff Collection:

Sharing Passion for Contemporary Glass Art Goblets 

Barbara Boroff succinctly captures her sentiment about goblets: "They're like potato chips. Seriously. I feel that if you start somebody with a goblet, it's very easy to buy another one."

The goblet collection curated by Barbara and Alan Boroff embodies their shared passion for contemporary glass art. With 90% of the artists still alive, their collection fosters a deeply personal connection between the artist, collector, and viewer.

The Boroff Collection serves as a testament to their dedication to the art form and their desire to share it with a wider audience. By showcasing their unique collection in various museums, the Boroff Collection intention is to introduce more people to the beauty and intricacy of glass art.

The Sandwich Glass Museum extends its gratitude to The Boroff for graciously sharing a curated selection of goblets from their collection. Each piece tells a story of their journey as collectors, reflects their distinctive style, and pays homage to the artists they admire.

New Bedford Co-Curated Exhibit 

Produced in partnership with the Rhode Island School of Design's Glass Department and the Sandwich Glass Museum, *Pathfinders: Paving the Glass Revolution in the U.S.* chronicles the revolutionary impact Dale Chihuly and his peers had in reshaping the view of glass from the realm of craft into a valid artistic medium for sculpture.

Chihuly's founding of the Pilchuck School - a place that has nurtured and schooled a community of artists in glass art techniques for more than 50 years - along with his visionary deployment of glass in the creation of monumental environmental sculpture, cemented a new legitimacy for the medium as a vehicle for fine art.

The exhibition includes leaders in the world of glass sculpture from the 1960s up to present-day graduate students at RISD.

Coming on June 21st, 2024  Heartbeats & Harmony

“Heartbeats and Harmony” is a collaborative exhibition of works by glass artist Robert Dane and painter Carl Lopes. Based on their mutual love of Afro Caribbean music, this exhibition features glass sculpture and imagery reflecting admiration and inspiration drawn from Afrocentric cultures.

Robert Dane shares his latest sculptures, blown in glass, embracing the costuming and music found in rituals and ceremonies. Carl Lopes is a multimedia artist of Cape Verdean descent, channeling the customs of his heritage through his energetic artworks.

The synergy between these artists and their creative expressions is seen in the collaborative pieces they have created. These shared visionary works in glass premiere in “Heartbeats and Harmony”, opening with a public reception Friday, June 21st, from 5:30-7pm.

Bringing people together through the arts is the message at the heart of this exhibition, and this message is embedded in both Dane’s and Lopes’ captivating artworks. We look forward to sharing this extraordinary experience with the public.

  Why Your Donation Matters

Like most small museums across the U.S., the Sandwich Glass Museum depends largely on the financial support of the community.  We invite you to express your support to ensure we can continue showcasing both our vibrant glass making past and providing exhibition space for contemporary glass artists. The Sandwich Historical Society’s Glass Museum is independently owned and operated. All operational expenses including staffing, insurance, utilities and facilities maintenance, are borne by the Sandwich Historical Society.

Your generosity will help keep this incredible art form alive! Donate today!  

We are grateful for your support!  Have a comment or compliment you'd like to share?  We would love to hear from you at info@sandwichglassmuseum.org  
Feel free to download our 2024 Calendar of Events for a helpful reference!


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