Appraisal and Repair Policy

Appraisal Policy

The staff of the Sandwich Glass Museum does not appraise glass. The American Association of Museums prohibits museum staff from making appraisals or giving any estimates of value for historic and artistic objects.

We do occasionally host informal historic glass evaluation events. You can check our calendar of events to see when the next "What's Your Glass?" event is coming up. However these events do not result in any formal appraisal of monetary value.

The following are several means by which one can find appraisers. Be prepared to send the appraiser good, clear photographs of the item and any documentation or information that could affect the value. In addition, the appraiser will probably want to inspect the object, so you may have to bring the object to the appraiser, or arrange for the appraiser to visit your home. Finally, appraisers will charge a fee for their services.

Professional Appraisal

There are several national professional associations of appraisers. These groups can give you the name of a qualified appraiser in your geographic area:

International Society of Appraisers

Phone: (312) 981-6778

American Society of Appraisers

Phone: 800-ASA-VALU (800-272-8258)

Auction Houses

The major auction houses such as Sotheby’s will do appraisals of all types of objects. As with independent appraisers, there is a fee for appraisals. However, if you are interested in selling your object through an auction house, they will give you an estimated sales price at no charge.

To find an auction house or auctioneer in your local area, simply search google maps for “auction house near me”.

Your local public library can provide you with published price guides to antiques and collectibles. There also may be reference books on antiques and collectibles, if you need help identifying your object. will do informal appraisals of an object for $9.95 fee. Their experts will try to give as much history, research and information as possible about the object, which they base on your digital photos and description.


The glass artists of the Sandwich Glass Museum do not repair glass. To find a local glass repair business, search google maps for “glass repair near me”.