Artist Profile: Aron Leaman

Aron Leaman

Strand at Dusk

The bird form has been ever present in my work. To me it is a reminder of place and home. Translating the bird shape into glass has been challenging, but the graceful lines and curves lend itself well as a canvas for the patterns and feeling I am creating.

The lines left in the sand at low tide, the motion of the eddies and currents, the waves, where the land meets the sea, these natural patterns have found a way into and have inspired my work.

I sometimes incorporate as the base a natural element, like stone or wood giving the pieces a direct connection to my inspirations.

Threaded Pair

My colors are based on controlling the effects that one can achieve with glass. They are created from heat and air, producing loose and interesting layered patterns. I am regally experimenting with color and light, building layers to capture movement to keep these pieces alive. I am producing a feeling within a contained form allowing the patterns to start to take shape in ones own thoughts. The closer that one looks the more imagery will start to come out.


Aron Leaman has been working with glass since 2001. He has spent years traveling and honing his skills working with many glass artist from around the world.  He currently resides along the Massachusetts coast, and keeps a studio in an old textile mill in Lowell, Massachusetts.