Artist Profile: Bryan Randa

"Each piece I craft is based on my classic training but created with modern techniques so each is truly one-of-a-kind. I don’t just see this as a job, but as a passion, and am grateful for every day to be able to create works of art."

Not knowing of glassblowing and its deep history in the area Bryan accidentally came upon the Sandwich Glass Museum in 2004. Here he became more familiar with the glass artists in the area. He was pointed in the direction of McDermott Glass Studio in Sandwich where he developed the age old trade of glassblowing under an intense apprenticeship with David McDermott and Yukimi Matsumoto.

Spending the next decade refining glass techniques and managing his  growing  business, Bryan has since moved on to build his own glass studio and is focused on his own sculptural glass work. 

As a glass artist Bryan Randa works within two worlds of glass making. One is lamp working, in which he creates beautiful glass creatures of the ocean and of the garden at his peaceful studio in the woods of Pocasset. 

The other is off hand glass blowing in a larger scale. Using this technique he makes a variety of functional vessels and sculptures of colorful glass. 

Created by Bryan Randa