Studio Profile: Belleau Art Glass

Chris Belleau

Glass has enchanted and challenged me for years, ever since I picked up my first blowpipe at  the University of Wisconsin, Madison.  I never looked back, and have been blowing glass in the Providence, RI area since 1987. My work is inspired by nature and the nature of glass.  I love to test my skills sculpting and breathing life into creatures, flowers, fruits and vegetables from molten glass.

I have been making my own colored glass for many years.  By adding various metal oxides to the raw glass, I get to play with a unique palette of colors in addition to several hundred commercially available colors.  I rarely measure anything, relying on my experience to add just the right amount of colorant. Things do not always come out as expected, so I adapt what I’m doing and go with the flow!  

Created by Belleau Art Glass