Artist Profile: Jeremy Sinkus

I want to capture that element of excitement when you are the first to see a crystal extract from the earth or when you see an octopus swim out from behind a coral on the bottom of the sea. 

Glass can be transparent, like a window of any shape imaginable. What would you do with that window? What would you see?  Obvious is mundane and mysterious is wide open. Intentional forms should be both. Something to recognize and something to ponder or be awakened to. 

This material is very multi-dimensional, giving the presence of space in other worlds. It gives us a way of looking into something existing in a separate object. It also reflects what is going on around it.  It lets you in. 

Tangible objects are a way of making an emotion, thought, story, experience or spirit exist. A memory from a place or environment, a reminder or something form the past or a quest to look forward to. Things we want to stay.