Glint and Glimmer

From the Collection of Edward Yasuna

On view through March 2024

Glint & Glimmer features exquisite glass artworks from local Cape Cod collector Edward Yasuna. A multi-generational collection, its original foundation pieces are from the collector’s parents’ passionate early collection of Studio Glass. Richard Royal, Martin Rosol, Toland Sand and studio glass pioneer Harvey Littleton’s works are among those exhibited.

“I’ve been collecting Studio Glass for close to twenty years.  It’s been a joy and a challenge, and my home, alas, is no longer child- or pet-friendly.  I can only imagine a cat curled into the comforting roundness of a Chihuly Macchia or a Golden Retriever swishing its eager tail perilously close to a Ginny Ruffner.  Five- and eight-year-olds gleefully spin the colorful, rainbow-inducing cubes of a Jon Kuhn or want to strum the glass African lute amazingly created by Davide Salvatore.   

Collecting is in my genes, as it likely is in most peoples’ genes.  We humans seem to seek out coins or first editions, old beer cans or baseball cards, Hummels or antique woodworking tools.  I collected stamps as a kid, and, naturally, had a back pocket containing baseball cards, for trading, flipping, or placing between the spokes of my 24-inch bicycle.  Red Sox cards, of course, were not treated that way, and none of my cards, now long lost or tossed, were saved and displayed as a collection, in albums and glassine sleeves.  I’m a bit more careful with my glass.   

My parents, long-time art collectors, became interested in Studio Glass in the 1980’s, when the movement was relatively new and there were few collectors;  they could afford the glass, and they spent time with most of the artists they collected.  I’ve been fortunate to meet many of the artists I have collected, and have become good friends with a few.  It might have been far more economical to collect vintage 1940’s neckties, and far safer to have collected Japanese baskets which do not chip or crack, but the glass has brought much pleasure, and I’m pleased to be able to share some of it with you.”

Edward Yasuna —

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