Profile: Glass Studio on Cape Cod

Michael Magyar

Throughout his career Michael has been featured in many different exhibitions in museums from Japan to America.

In 1992 Michael founded The Glass Studio on Cape Cod. He and his wife Keiko work tirelessly to bring their love of glass to the Cape, and spread that love to many others.

His work is inspired not only by his enduring admiration for Japanese glassblowing techniques, but also by the beaches and wild beauty of Cape Cod. Michael's deep love of life, family, and glassblowing expresses itself in each unique creation.

Will Mayer

Michael's second hand man, has been working with The Glass Studio on Cape Cod since 2000. From the great state of New Jersey, Will came to the Cape to study glass making with Michael. With a background in flame work, Will found his start in handblown glass here, and excelled. Through great chemistry between the two, Michael and Will have been creating epic pieces since his arrival. For the latter half of his time here, Will has been creating his own individual pieces that reflect a striking stylistic difference but maintains the high caliber of The Glass Studio on Cape Cod. 

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