McDermott Glass Studio

David McDermott

"Glassblowing is a dance with fire and molten glass, transforming a cold, rigid material into something fluid, expressive, and breathtakingly beautiful. Witnessing the transformation firsthand, feeling the heat of the furnace, and shaping the glowing material with your breath and tools is an undeniably magical experience. 

It's a physical art form, demanding strength, dexterity, and coordination. It's also a mental art form, requiring focus, precision, and the ability to adapt to constantly changing conditions. However, the feeling of accomplishment after successfully creating a beautiful piece is unmatched."

Glassblowing is a demanding craft that requires years of practice and dedication to master. David got his start in 1973 studying under Master Gaffer Robert Mason. McDermott Glass Studio was founded in 2002, when David McDermott and his wife Yukimi Matsumoto built the studio in their backyard in Sandwich Ma.

Yukimi Matsumoto

“Unlike many other art forms, glass has a mind of its own. It flows and reacts to heat and tools in unexpected ways. This unpredictability keeps glassblowers on their toes, forcing them to be creative, adaptable, and embrace the element of surprise. The unique imperfections and variations that arise from the nature of glass often add to the beauty and character of the finished piece.

Glass moves while you are working with it, it is unusual material and difficult. More I work with glass, I realized that you have to guide the glass, not to force it.”

Yukimi Matsumoto was born in Osaka Japan, and graduated from the Osaka School of Design in 1994 where she specialized in Production Design. Following a two-year apprenticeship at Suwa Glass Studio in Nagano, she began her professional career working at various studios throughout Japan.

Matsumoto’s relationship with her craft is imbued with a spirit of cooperation. Matsumoto loves the feeling that she is working with the glass to bring something beautiful to surface out of an uninspired looking “blob of glass”.

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