Profile: SGM Studio

Peter Waechter

"Glassblowing combines beauty, challenge, and endless creative possibilities."

Peter has a background in fine arts, photography, and the intricate craft of chainmaille jewelry. He worked for many years as a member of the production team at McDermott Glass Studio, also here in Sandwich. He is now full time with the Sandwich Glass Museum. In his spare time he still crafts chainmaille.

Peter demonstrates glassblowing at Sandwich Glass Museum Monday through Friday.

Kate Thomas

"The ancient art of glass blowing is a series of stimulating synchronized motions, that keeps you on your toes and pushes your creativity. There is something truly special about this amorphous material."

During the week Kate is an independent artist, mainly focusing on memorial pieces. In addition to being a skilled glassblower, she works in fused glass, stained glass, and is also a blacksmith.

Kate demonstrates glassblowing at Sandwich Glass Museum on Saturdays.

Hoyt Hottel

In addition to being an skilled glassblower, Hoyt is an accomplished snowboarder and surfer. He is the owner of "Xtremely Board," a shop in Dartmouth that sells surf, snow and skateboards. For years, Hottel was a professional snowboarder, and was the 1993 national amateur champion.

Hoyt demonstrates glassblowing at Sandwich Glass Museum on Sundays.

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